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Creative Flow Circles are intentional and nonjudgmental spaces to explore creativity in community. You are invited to listen to instrumental music, moving color across a circle of easels, switching easels as the music changes. Each participant contributes to each piece, one after the other, producing  a series of collective creations. This process invites you into the moment, releasing perfectionism, attachment to outcome, opening into imagination and possibility.


Creativity heals. Creativity inspires. Creativity connects. Taking time to practice being creative for the sake of creativity, is good for our health, relationships, productivity and resiliency and joy.



Creative Flow Circles are mobile by design, and can be easily set up in a wide variety of spaces: barns, schools, churches, yoga studios, hospitals, even outdoor settings. The home location of Creative Flow Circles is in Boothbay, Maine at Mitchell & Co Studio the creative studio of Morgan Mitchell, inventress and flowcilitator of Creative Flow Circles.


Everyone is creative. There is nothing to do right and nothing to do wrong. You do not need any art experience or training. You are just invited to show up with with curiosity and comfortable clothes. All materials are supplied for you.



Creative Flow Circles are for everyone - children to elders. The form is flexible and can be adapted to meet the unique needs of a particular group.  All circles are flowcilitated by Morgan Mitchell.


Creative Flow Circles are scheduled in a variety of locations on a monthly basis. Explore upcoming circles HERE.

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